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Dase art action
Closca Inspiring People

Dase: art & action

Dase is one of those people with a light of their own who manage, with their art, to condense in a single image all the power of their claims. In his work, the phrase "an image is worth a thousand...

WaterHow are you feeling today? Plastic Free Mood

How are you feeling today? Plastic Free Mood

How you feel today depends on each day. Even every moment. Throughout the day we can feel a thousand different ways. There are days when you wake up tired, but as soon as you have your coffee, you'...

CloscaClosca x Hidrosalud: gestures with impact

Closca x Hidrosalud: gestures with impact

Hidrosalud and Closca join forces to end plastic pollution with a 360º action. Ending plastic pollution means democratizing access to drinking water. Therefore, the union of a company like Hidrosal...

Closca Inspiring Pablo Fernández Pablo Fernández

  Pablo Fernandez inspires us with every feat he overcomes. He already has 3 Guinness World Records. He is an entrepreneur, his company Clicars revolutionizes the automotive market and is also part...

MobilityHappy birthday to Loop: 2 years of urban safety

Happy birthday to Loop: 2 years of urban safety

It's been a couple of years since Closca created the Closca Helmet Loop to inspire #CitiesWithSoul. A helmet designed with your safety, practicality and aesthetics in mind. When we started creating...

Closca Inspiring PeopleCommunication & Women: FREEDA

Communication & Women: FREEDA

Freeda is the digital media made by and for women that seek to promote women's achievements, inspire their personal style, and encourage sisterhood. Their success is based on a combination of facto...