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Did you know…?

Did you know…?

On average we receive 7,000 messages daily (half of them are ads!): tv, social media, whatsapp... We get and consume so much information that, on many occasions, we don’t reflect about what this da...

tipsFashionable and functional while travelling

Fashionable and functional while travelling

When we travel we try to take as much as possible with us. Clothes, shoes, accessories... and even more on holidays. So, if what we take with us is super practical, much better. But if it is also b...

CloscaCities are the driving force of change, where things happen.

Cities are the driving force of change, where things happen.

Cities act as incubators for cultural, social, economic and political innovations, so we all need to work together to discover and create new opportunities that allow us to develop cities for the p...

tipsFoldable Closca Helmet Loop GoMate

5 tips for safe riding with your electric scooter

An electric scooter is a vehicle that has many advantages for mobility in the city but we have extreme safety to prevent accidents while driving. All you have to do is follow the 5 tips we're goin...

tipsClosca Bottle Moleskine

A guide to staying hydrated sustainably while traveling.

Airports, one of the great highways that connect us between cultures and countries. It is often the procedure prior to our start of vacation. The place through which we must pass in order to reach ...

tipsReusable Closca Bottle made of glass

5 easy tips to reduce your daily plastic use

Here you are five easy tips to reduce the single-use plastic consumption that you can start to implement in your daily routine.