Closca x Hidrosalud: gestures with impact

Closca x Hidrosalud: gestures with impact

Hidrosalud and Closca join forces to end plastic pollution with a 360º action.

Ending plastic pollution means democratizing access to drinking water. Therefore, the union of a company like Hidrosalud, whose raison d'être is to take care of water, with a brand like Closca, where we inspire to change towards more sustainable habits, was natural.

We all know that a simple gesture, such as refilling your bottle, generates a positive impact. But the fact that you can measure that impact and be aware of the good you are doing for the planet puts great value on that small daily action.

Hidrosalud and Closca have joined forces not only to save plastic and know your footprint on the planet, but so that the water you drink also has a positive impact.

#MyLastPlasticBottle x Hidrosalud

Technology makes our lives easier and should also help us take care of the planet. That's why at Closca, we use it (and design) to create products like Closca Bottle Wave. A refillable thermos bottle that also has an NFC chip to connect directly to the Closca Water App. 

A free app with which you can monitor the plastic you save every time you refill your bottle, keep track of your daily hydration and be an active part of the #MyLastPlasticBottle movement to end plastic pollution.

And, together with Hidrosalud, we've gone one step further. We have closed the circle by making the experience of drinking water, from accessing it to being able to take it with you wherever you need it, conscious and sustainable.

Km0 water

Something that has always been in Hidrosalud's DNA is that access to water should not imply an increase in pollution. For this reason, they are committed to Km0 Water: quality water that does not need plastic containers. Thus, it reaches you purified and without having emitted CO2.

For this, Hidrosalud uses a system of 5 purification stations that in addition to purify the water enriches it with minerals, calcium, magnesium and potassium to make it balanced and healthy. And all this in the same place where it is going to be consumed, whether it is your home or your workplace.

The challenge

But what if, in addition to this, we make the gesture of removing plastic from our lives a fun experience that unites us as a community? This is what we achieve with the Hidrosalud challenge in the Closca Water App. And thus, to make healthy competition revulsive to put an end to plastic to drink water.

Finally, before the #MyLastPlasticBottle challenge, we are all responsible for the actions we take and being aware of the strength of small gestures gives us great power. Let's use it responsibly. Closca x Hidrosalud.

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