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Dase art action

Dase is one of those people with a light of their own who manage, with their art, to condense in a single image all the power of their claims. In his work, the phrase "an image is worth a thousand words" gains strength.

"Nothing changes if you change nothing" What should we start to change?

Our actions. We must be consistent. Buying is a way to vote. One day I saw a video showing the atrocities we do to mother Earth and non-human species and I asked myself why NO ONE does anything? Then I realized that I was nobody and I started to inform myself and take action. When you do nothing in the face of injustice you are on the oppressor side.

How would you define "artivism"?

Artivism is artistic activism. Political art, generally vindictive, that seeks to impact popular culture. It can be beautiful and inspiring.


With your work you launch very powerful messages.  In your opinion, what do we lack, as a society, to react?

Information, empathy, responsibility, optimism...

If you could only send one message, what would it be?

Be the change you want to see in the world.


Your career is very long and varied, what or who inspires you?

The list of references is longer and more varied than my career, but I am especially inspired by abstract painting, minimalist and conceptual illustration, calligraphy and graphic design. Of course, always with music.

If you had to choose a color, what would it be? why?

If I can't choose black and white, I would choose gold because it symbolizes excellence.


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