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Happy birthday to Loop: 2 years of urban safety

Happy birthday to Loop: 2 years of urban safety

It's been a couple of years since Closca created the Closca Helmet Loop to inspire #CitiesWithSoul. A helmet designed with your safety, practicality and aesthetics in mind. When we started creating...

MobilityClosca x Angell bike

Closca x Angell bike

Carlos Ferrando (Closca Founder) and Marc Simoncini (Angell Bike Founder) never met each other but they’ve always had the same goal in mind: help people to help the planet. Therefore, it was natura...

MobilityAn opportunity to inspire change

An opportunity to inspire change

For months now our lives have taken a 180-degree turn. We have seen our daily activities, our social and work life and our family relationships turned upside down.  We are spending more time at ho...

MobilityInnovation of today for tomorrow’s micro-mobility

Innovation of today for tomorrow’s micro-mobility

The new normality poses new challenges in all areas, including micro-mobility where innovation is on the agenda.  Thus, governments as well as large, medium and small companies are working to give ...

MobilitySustainable mobility: now or never

Sustainable mobility: now or never

A few months ago our lives turned around. Everything was slowed down by a virus spread all over the world and we had to stopped our lives. We have been given the opportunity to reset our habits, to...

MobilityThe new micromobility in the post-Covid era

The new micromobility in the post-Covid era

Micromobility is the new normal. This “normal” imposes on us a change in our lifestyle. Social distance, strict hygiene measures (and fear of outbreaks) have made us, as a society, rethink our pers...