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Case Study

Closca x Sanitas

In its pursuit of attaining the esteemed AENOR Zero Waste certification for its main office, Sanitas chose to collaborate with Closca as its primary partner to eliminate the use of single-use plastic water bottles across the entire facility.

To achieve this, Sanitas equipped its employees with Closca x Sanitas smart reusable water bottles, while also introducing a captivating gamification experience within the Closca Water App.

Case Study

Closca x Sanitas

The aim was to actively involve the Sanitas team in the commendable practice of staying hydrated without generating plastic waste while measuring its positive impact throughout life Closca’s dashboards.

Our plastic-free service serves as both a solution to and a contributor in addressing one of the world's most significant challenges. One of our primary goal is to ensure that hydration becomes a powerful force for good, not just today, but for the years to come.

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