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Chef of the sea: Ángel León
Closca Inspiring People

Chef of the sea: Ángel León

We wanted to dedicate June's Inspiring People (month of the oceans) to the man who has earned the nickname of chef of the sea: Ángel León. We talked to him about his passion for the sea, about what...

Closca Inspiring PeopleMalas madres

Malas Madres Club: Laura Baena

Laura Baena inspires us with her powerful message: breaking with what is socially established will lead us to achieve the changes we need. Her fight for equality and work-life balance has made th...

Closca Inspiring PeopleDase art action

Dase: art & action

Dase is one of those people with a light of their own who manage, with their art, to condense in a single image all the power of their claims. In his work, the phrase "an image is worth a thousand...

Closca Inspiring Pablo Fernández Pablo Fernández

  Pablo Fernandez inspires us with every feat he overcomes. He already has 3 Guinness World Records. He is an entrepreneur, his company Clicars revolutionizes the automotive market and is also part...

Closca Inspiring PeopleCommunication & Women: FREEDA

Communication & Women: FREEDA

Freeda is the digital media made by and for women that seek to promote women's achievements, inspire their personal style, and encourage sisterhood. Their success is based on a combination of facto...

Closca Inspiring PeopleArchitecture & Environment: Anna Devís & Daniel Rueda