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Collective action in the face of adversity

Collective action in the face of adversity

The COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us a few lessons. Firstly, that there is nothing worse than sitting on your hands and that it is crucial to stand up and face what is coming towards us. We are bra...

maskThe Brave Club

The Brave Club

  Going back to routines this year has been more stressful than ever. Keeping kids safe when they are not at home is something that gives parents many sleepless nights. But our children are resili...

Closca107.000 masks donated by you

107.000 masks donated by you

Did you know Closca mask project was born with the purpose of making the mask an icon of change? But not towards the 'new normal' that politicians talk about but the New Normal of changes in our ha...

CloscaClosca's Mask, Logbook

Closca's Mask, Logbook

March 14th BEGINNING OF THE STATE OF ALARM The state of alarm has begun in Spain and we are starting to get scared of the very dangerous situation we are seeing. Many companies have stopped work...