Cities are the driving force of change, where things happen.

Cities are the driving force of change, where things happen.
"The cities of the future are people-friendly cities" Jahn Gehl

The 31st of October is the World Cities Day, designated by the UN. This year, the organization has selected the theme "Changing the world: innovations and better life for future generations" in order to achieve a more sustainable future in urban areas.

What does the United Nations want to achieve with the Day of Cities? The main objectives of the celebration of this day are to increase awareness of how digital innovations can be used to improve the quality of life of cities, to provide sustainable solutions in terms of energy and the use of natural resources in cities and to explore and teach how technology can contribute to eliminating social inequalities in urban centers.

"Cities are increasingly the home of humanity. They are central to climate action, global prosperity, peace, and human rights," stated Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General.

Cities act as incubators for cultural, social, economic and political innovations, so we all need to work together to discover and create new opportunities that allow us to develop cities for the people of the future. 


If we consider that more than half the world's population lives in cities, a number which is expected to double by 2050, better cities are essential to build a better future. They are the driving force of change, where things happen. They are the epicenter of political, social, environmental, economic and cultural changes, if cities change, the world will change.

Jan Gehl, the Danish Architect, and role model for urban designers stated once “the cities of the future are people-friendly cities”. His career has focused on improving the quality of urban life by re-orienting city design towards the pedestrian and cyclist.

What can we do to create more sustainable cities? From Closca we want to be part of the solution to the challenge that cities offer. Therefore, we create products that redesign the attitudes of societies, especially of people living in cities, through iconic products. Our portable helmets remove the barrier of having an inconvenient helmet. The bottle is a fashion icon that redefines our way of finding, drinking and transporting water, and The Closca Water App rewards you for refilling your bottle in public fountains, where more than 70% of the 220.000 water fountains of the app are placed in the cities. 

Together we can create tomorrow, will you join us?

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