Fashionable and functional while travelling

Fashionable and functional while travelling

When we travel we try to take as much as possible with us. Clothes, shoes, accessories... and even more on holidays.

So, if what we take with us is super practical, much better. But if it is also beautiful and portrays a message, what else could we ask for?

Saving plastic while travelling

As we discover new cities and corners, and more so in the summertime, it is important to stay hydrated. In the fight against pollution by plastics (which should not stop during holidays) the best option is to bring your own bottle. 

With Closca Bottle you will not only carry water wherever you want but you will not have to "carry" it as its silicone strap with a grip allows you to hook it to your travel accessories (suitcase, backpack, bag or even a baby carriage) and to refill it wherever you can. The message is clear: no plastics!

However, sometimes it is difficult when you do not know the place, to find points where you can rest for a while and drink some water. That is why the Closca Water App helps you find the nearest water source to refill your bottle wherever you are and rewards you for not using plastic.

Moreover, now that the cleaning of our daily accessories has become a vital matter Closca Bottle, with its double cap system, allows you to have a deep clean it, even in the most difficult corners. As it can be dismantled into pieces, it is dishwasher safe* and ensures maximum protection against viruses and bacteria. *(at 60 degrees)


Wherever you go


Getting to know a place is getting lost in its streets and discovering hidden corners and the best way to achieve this is to forget about the car and ride around on a bike or a scooter. Thus, in addition to being able to reach the most hidden corners, you contribute to avoiding more contamination by NOx and PM. 

But what do you do with your helmet while you are visiting a museum, or while you are having a drink on a terrace? Well, you keep it in your backpack! Closca Helmet and Closca Helmet Loop are foldable so, while you are not using it, you put it in your bag and forget about it. 

And while you are wearing it, you travel safely, because design and functionality are not at odds with safety.

Oh! and by the way, it's an award-winning helmet and on display at the MoMA in NY so don't be surprised if people look at you on the street. You are wearing art!

Be safe anywhere

COVID-19 is still very present in our lives, so we must continue protecting ourselves and others. Closca Mask provides you with not only protection when you are using it, but when you are not.

When you don't use your mask, where do you leave it? Closca Mask comes in its own fabric bag that maintains the integrity of the filter holder and filters while you are not wearing it.

In addition, the filters are reusable and washable up to 5 times maintaining bacterial filtration efficiency above 90%. The Closca Mask pack contains 6 filters so it's as if you were wearing 30 masks! 

And, being a Closca creation, of course its design makes it unique. It fits around the neck more comfortably than ear support and its micro-perforated fabric allows for high breathability. Wherever you go, you'll be safe.

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