A guide to staying hydrated sustainably while traveling.

Closca Bottle Moleskine

Airports, one of the great highways that connect us between cultures and countries.

It is often the procedure prior to our start of vacation. The place through which we must pass in order to reach our destination. Queues of waiting, boarding of suitcases, security arches... uncomfortable systems that we must go through and that on many occasions can be a challenge for those people who wish to travel without leaving a trace, in short, travel in a sustainable way.

Part of the way to travel sustainably is to not massively dispose of aerosols and plastic bottles as they pass through the security arches and stop contributing to the constant consumption and disposal of plastics. 


Closca Bottle Moleskine


In addition to the negative impact this has on the planet since only 9% of the plastic that is discarded is recycled, travelers are forced to dispose of their bottles for safety reasons and therefore to consume plastic in one of the Duty-Free shops or vending machines in the flight departure areas of airports.

The solution is in the hands of the travelers, to be co-responsible and take action and put solutions to prevent that every sip of water costs the planet more plastic.

Closca Bottle is the perfect companion for your travels. Its comfortable silicone flap allows you to attach it to your suitcase or backpack and go hands-free. Closca Water App will also help you by allowing you to locate points to fill your bottle at the airport, either in one of the businesses or public fountains available to the traveler.

All you have to do is:

- Make sure you empty the water in your Closca Bottle before passing through the security arches.

- Open the Closca Water App and locate the nearest filling points.

- Fill your bottle and earn rewards for being sustainable.

- You're ready to drink water during your flight!


Closca Bottle Moleskine

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