5 tips for safe riding with your electric scooter

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An electric scooter is a vehicle that has many advantages for mobility in the city but we have extreme safety to prevent accidents while driving. All you have to do is follow the 5 tips we're going to talk to you about in this article.

The use of an electric scooter in the city does not stop growing and more and more people enjoy this form of sustainable and economic mobility. We collaborated with to compile 5 simple tips that you can follow to avoid accidents and thus improve your safety.

In the first place, it is recommended to carry out periodic maintenance of the scooter as it is carried out with many other vehicles. The most important elements to check are the state of the tires, the functioning of the brakes and the correct functioning of the engine and lights. Many manufacturers incorporate in their instructions the recommendations of how to do this maintenance, but if you do not dare to do it, in many bicycle workshops they offer this maintenance service at a very economical price.

It is essential to adapt your speed at all times to the environment where you are circulating, look around and if you see many pedestrians and cyclists around you moderate your speed. The faster your scooter takes, there’s a higher risk of the impact and the consequences can be worse. In many cities the maximum speed is 20 km/h, it is advisable to have that speed as a reference and never exceed it even if your city does not yet have that regulation. That is the second piece of advice: never exceed 20 km/h.

Whether you circulate during the day or at night, it is essential to be seen in the crowd. If your scooter does not incorporate light, you can buy one and install it yourself. We recommend that you wear a reflective element both on your scooter and on your clothes. On the scooter, you can stick reflective stickers and you can wear a reflective bracelet or a vest. Making yourself seen while circulating will help many people see you, this is the third tip.

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Fourthly, we have to talk about the way we are going to circulate. In many cities, there are still no regulations and there are no specific lanes for scooters. While these regulations are being created, it is generally advisable to use the bicycle lane and if there is no bike lane on the streets where the maximum speed is 30 km/h.

Last but not least, we highlight the use of a helmet. Although it is not yet compulsory, more and more people are wearing helmets while riding their scooters. 


With these tips, you will minimize the chances of having an accident and you will be able to ride safer. 

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