Closca x Angell bike

Closca x Angell bike

Carlos Ferrando (Closca Founder) and Marc Simoncini (Angell Bike Founder) never met each other but they’ve always had the same goal in mind: help people to help the planet.

Therefore, it was natural that the brands they created respectively converged at some point for a common project. 

That time has come and this is what happens when two companies with purpose work together for a better future: Closca x Angell bike.

Design and innovation

Both, Angell bike and Closca, are two brands that stand out for two reasons. The first is the design of their products. When you see an Angell bike you know perfectly well that you are looking at a unique product (designed by Ora-ïto) and the same goes for the Closca helmets or bottles (winners of red dot and Delta awards). 

And the second is that innovation and technology are at the service of people to engage with the planet. Now that more and more people are willing to switch from polluting to sustainable vehicles, it's when Angell and Closca are working flat out to help them to succeed on this change of habits.

Angell Bike, Ora-ïto and Closca

Closcaxangell helmet

A more sustainable way of living and doing so with style, safety and the latest technological advances is possible with Angell's smartbike. This is the lightest e-bike on the market, born from Ora-ïto's creativity, and with the intention of being the best electric bicycle in the world.

And the best electric bike in the world had to be accompanied by the best folding helmet. Closca Helmet Loop Reflective x Angell provides you with the extra visibility on your urban journeys with the micro prisms that reflect the light, without dazzling, increasing your safety.

Since all good things come in threes and, as we said before, the goal is to inspire people and help them to help the planet, this collaboration could not be complete without Closca Bottle. Refill your bottle wherever you go and never use plastic again.

Closcaxangell bottle

Closca x Angell Bike

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