The new micromobility in the post-Covid era

The new micromobility in the post-Covid era

Micromobility is the new normal. This “normal” imposes on us a change in our lifestyle. Social distance, strict hygiene measures (and fear of outbreaks) have made us, as a society, rethink our personal, professional and social relationships.

Thus, we have acquired (or are acquiring) new ways of relating and cohabiting. Among them are new forms of urban mobility. Bicycles and scooters are the kings of the city. More and more citizens are immersed in the world of alternative transportation to move around cities.

 Micromobility is here to stay!

Many are the cities around the world that, facing Covid-19 and the risk of new pandemics, seek to become Smart Cities. To do this, they include sustainable mobility and even expert divisions in this field in their urban strategic plans. And autonomous mobility strategies have become a key element.

There are still many pending tasks, especially in Southern Europe countries, in the promotion of these ways of mobility. But we cannot leave everything in the hands of governments. They are facing much more than ever before due to Covid-19. They have to deal not only with the health crisis itself, but also with the social, economic and even educational post-Covid crisis. We cannot, and should not, stand still as a society.

Co-responsible for the new urban micromobility

We have witnessed how the air in our cities has become cleaner during the quarantine due to the decrease in traffic. How nature has resurfaced while we were confined at home. We must learn from this experience. We have to be aware of the power we have as individuals and as a society. Small changes in many people have a huge impact.

So far pollution is killing more than 3.4 million people each year. It is in our hands to contribute to reducing this numbers and to make our cities places without pollution or noise. With small gestures such as the use of bicycles and scooters on our daily commutes, we contribute our bit. And together we will achieve a greater change.

Closca Helmet

The #CitiesWithSoul challenge

From Closca we propose you a challenge: to free cities of  pollution and noise. As you already know, we seek to inspire change in people's habits to achieve a better world for and by everyone. This month we seek to raise awareness of air pollution in urban areas.

Did you know that 91% of the world’s population live in places where air quality exceeds health limits according to the World Health Organization? And that transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions?

For all these reasons, we challenge you to promote urban micromobility. 

Take to the streets with your scooter or bike and inspire change to get #CitiesWithSoul!

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