107.000 masks donated by you

107.000 masks donated by you

Did you know Closca mask project was born with the purpose of making the mask an icon of change? But not towards the 'new normal' that politicians talk about but the New Normal of changes in our habits to protect the environment.

In this way Closca goal is future generations will have no need to wear maks.

Masks for change

But pandemic arrived and, as a Brand, we had to do something. Therefore, for each Closca Mask that members of our community acquired we would donate 5 surgical masks to risk groups. And, honestly, cannot be more proud of you.

We all have been able to donate 107.000 surgical masks!

This is a short detailled list of who has received (and will soon receive) the masks that you have donated:

  • One of the first deliveries was made to Hospital de Alzira (Valencia) which has received 4.000 units to date and will soon receive another 4.000 masks.
  • Fundación Aladina (Children´s Cancer Foundation) has received 20.000 masks in total of which half (10.000) has distributed them between Hospital Niño Jesús (Madrid) and Hospital de La Fe (Valencia)

Donations have reached other front line groups:

  • 14.000 masks have been donated to Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan Police team) and 4.000 to Policía Nacional (Spanish Police team) so their daily work of caring and protecting us is a little safer.
  • Universidad Católica de Valencia will distribute 60.000 masks to different NGOs and 1.000 masks have been sent to Colegio de biólogos de Barcelona (Biologist´s Association)

The most important thing is that this movement is not over. There are more donations on their way and we will update you about them. Because this would not have been possible without you.

Thank you Closca community!


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