Collective action in the face of adversity

Collective action in the face of adversity

The COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us a few lessons. Firstly, that there is nothing worse than sitting on your hands and that it is crucial to stand up and face what is coming towards us. We are brave. Secondly, that united we are stronger. We are warriors. And, finally, that we protect others by protecting ourselves. We are one.

This global pandemic has helped us to prove ourselves, as society, that acting collectively has the greatest positive impact. And not only for ourselves and those around us but for the planet too.

This new normal seems to include new habits in our daily life. But in our hands is to give them a new significance. For example, masks are, beyond their complement status, the symbol of empathy and reflection. They inspire community action.

Inspire the community, protect the society

Closca’s aim is to create innovative products with unique designs to inspire change. This process involves listening to our environment which includes our customers, but also the planet. 

During the lockdown we did not stop working because, in Closca, we strongly believed that we could make something to stand up to the adverse situation. And we have not stopped. We have listened to you, we have learned and also unlearned, and we come up with the next generation of Closca Mask.

Closca Mask

Extra protection for you and the environment

The new Closca Mask is a reusable and washable mask certified under European standards CWA 17553 : 2020 and certifications from Aitex, Eurofins and Oeko-Tex. Which results in a proven Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >90% and keeping it above 70% after 25 washes.

We have worked hard to create the mask that not only protects you but also the planet. How? Closca Mask is impregnated with a 100% mineral component called CO2pure and created by a Spanish company (Primlab). 

This innovative organic material is a virus and bacterial killer so you are protected against COVID-19 and other viruses and bacterias. This organic component impregnates the mask and the protective pouch, killing viruses and bacterias.

Furthermore, wearing Closca Mask can save up to 40% of pollutants as CO2, NOx and NO2. Due to the CO2pure treatment of the mask that absorbs these pollutants cleaning the air around you in a harmless way for your health.

Closca Mask fits better to the face thanks to its firm front. It comes in 3 sizes that, together with the "T" shaped velcro grip at the neck, allow a better fit for each person. And, in addition, it doesn't get caught in the hair, which makes it especially comfortable for daily life activities. Forget about ear discomfort!

Inspire the community by protecting society with Closca Mask


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