Proximity: what if we stay closer?

Proximity: what if we stay closer?

The summer holidays are just here, around the corner. And this year travelling is becoming a extreme experience because of COVID-19. What if we just rediscover our city? Our country? The nature around us is powerful and we have the opportunity to listen and reflect about what we are capable of doing from now on.

What if we go to the restaurant near our home? Or we do the shopping on the local market? Simply, what if we stay closer?

Proximity: pure solidarity

The current situation has given us the opportunity to reflect about the way we used to do things. And now, it is time to be stronger as a community. It is the right moment to support local businesses and to give a hand to those that have always been there.

During your holidays, enjoy those precious moments with family and friends discovering hidden cozy places. 

No matter if you do in your own city or you are so lucky to travel around and visit places where you have not been before. In any case, support local business and stay closer.

The key is to look at everything from a new perspective, to glance at what the environment has done for us all this time and what we can do now to give it back. 

What if...

What if we stop using plastic to drink water? When travelling around you can find, using our Closca Water App, plenty of fountains where to refill your Closca Bottle. Join #MyLastPlasticBottle challenge this summer and help rivers and oceans flourish as they used to.

What if we start breathing a cleaner air in our cities? Using bikes or scooters we reduce significantly our footprint and levels of CO2 and NOx decrease drastically. With #CitiesWithSoul and Closca Helmet we challenge you to give that first step into the new micro mobility.

What if we act to not have to wear masks in the future? Wearing masks we protect ourselves but most importantly we are protecting the ones around us. We have learnt that we work better as a whole, as a community. So we should keep working that way to achieve real changes with positive impact.

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