Back to conscious cities

Back to conscious cities

After the summer holidays, we return to our cities. However, are they the same ones that we left behind on this summer break?

They probably are but, what if we improve them?

During the hardest stages of the COVID-19 restrictions, we saw many of our cities returning to an almost primitive state of health. Pollution was reduced, giving way to bluer skies, clearer waters, and a resurgence of nature where it seemed it had never existed.

Back to our essence

Did you know that 91% of the world's population is exposed to pollution levels above the limits set by the WHO? That means that practically all of us breathe dangerous air.

Just as our houses are our homes, our cities are our ecosystems. And we must take care of them. This global pandemic has shown us that it is possible, with small but massive gestures, to reverse the current air pollution situation.

Looking to the future

As a consequence, allocating more space for the citizens in our cities, while reducing the space given to polluting vehicles, has become one of the objectives of many governments. Smart Cities are no longer just about super technology and innovation. They must also be sustainable, healthy, and people-centered. It is our responsibility to do so.

And one simple way to do our bit is to adapt the way we interact with our city. 

A new setting

So imagine your city as an empty space, a space that can be friendlier to you, the citizen. How would you decorate it? 

In Closca we believe that cities have a soul and that is why we design products so that, together, we maintain their essence. With our #CitiesWithSoul movement, represented by our Closca Helmets, we dream of cities where conventional and polluting transport is a thing of the past. Cities with cleaner air in where masks are neither necessary nor mandatory. 

Furthermore, we believe that the plastic that floods our lives has no place in this sustainable present and with #MyLastPlasticBottle we join the strength of technology (CloscaWater App) and design (Closca Bottle) to make our cities free of plastics.

Ready for the challenge? #BacktoConsciousCities

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