Closca becomes part of the World Design Organization

Closca becomes part of the World Design Organization
During 2022, Valencia is going to be the World Design Capital. This journey is an extraordinary opportunity for the city to show the world our potential.


Throughout the following years, we are not only going to prove the potential of the Valencian design, designers, and companies but also the commitment of the institutions. 

All these determinants have created a tool for social transformation and improvement based on the design. The design is an excellent tool to inspire other professionals the values, culture, colors, and the enthusiasm of the Valencian creative class.

Xavi Calvo, Luis Calabuig and Pau Rausell, organizers of Valencia's bid, invited Carlos Ferrando, CEO of Closca, to defend the nomination.

In this act, he presented the vision of Closca and how the company expresses its values throughout the design tool. A close view linked to the United Nations's and the Sustainable Development Goals, also shared by the World Design Organization.

As a result of this presentation, the World Design Organization invited Carlos to share his vision during the World Design Assembly, an international network to design the world of tomorrow.

Valencia, World Design Capital 2022

We would love to highlight the words of Luisa Bocchietto, President of the World Design Organization: “Valencia’s bid, articulated a compelling proposal that clearly demonstrates the effective application of Mediterranean design, of design for change and design as a key reference point to improve citizen’s quality of life.”

Now we all have the chance to demonstrate that we can combine creativity, design, and sustainability to coexist with the natural and built environment.

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