CuldeSac + Closca: Reason Loves Emotion

CuldeSac + Closca: Reason Loves Emotion

When Closca came to life, we did it, not just with our founders, but with a lot of people surrounding and supporting us. During the Closca Fuga conceptualization, there was a great friend guiding and helping us to create the iconic helmet that now is conquering the streets around the world. This is our creative partner: CuldeSac™ 

CuldeSac™ is more than a regular creative consulting firm, they create the strategy and develop ideas in order to add value to the brands they work with.

Here at Closca, there is no option for lacks of design exigence and CuldeSac™ exceeded expectations. Working with a methodology based on mixing strategy, creativity, and first level design, we came up with the helmet that now conforms our first icon.

CuldeSac™ integrates a unique and specialized creative lab that create singular experiences around the world. Working with brands such us Nike, Hermès, Loewe, HM, Aston Martin, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany Co, Delpozo, Ciroc, and more. 



CuldeSac™ is one of the most versatile studios in the creative Spanish scene. With a great international recognition and accredited by the successful experiences with brands such as the ones described above. 

Its philosophy passes through the exploration of alternative paths to achieve multidisciplinary projects in the area of product design. That´s why Closca and CuldeSac created together Fuga, a re-interpretation of a bike helmet. The spaces between the idea and its realization, where the movement spots managed by this great partner.

“Think about a bike helmet. Now forget about it.”


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