Ulm: the city designed for biking

Ulm: the city designed for biking

Biking around Ulm is a sensation for the urban cyclist. Along its crooked streets, you’ll find the most interesting mix of modern and classic architecture, surely a heritage of its long history and design.

This peculiar city will win your affection while you pedal along the Danube, with every day interesting encounters and Fischerviertel’s gardens that will welcome you into the very heart of the city.

Contemporary Art By The River


Built with only one thing in mind: a space where nothing distracts you from the artworks themselves. Right in the heart of the city, the collection curated by Mr. and Mrs. Weishaupt is a beautiful piece of art by itself.

A spacious, well laid out and friendly space to just enjoy contemporary art and have a nice and calm evening surrounded by a world-class gallery.

Some say this building is just enough reason for a detour in Ulm.

Art Gallery Weishaupt

A Bike Like No Other


Pedaleur doesn’t build bikes. They build tailored cycling gear that fits perfectly in this city designed for biking. They say a bike is to a city like a good wine to a dinner, right? Well, this is home-grown and best quality.

Riding a bike in Ulm is incredibly easy and enjoyable. Its streets are plain and the views are incredible. This little city in southern Germany will surprise you the more you explore it.

Pedaleur Ulm

Designers For The Future


Ulm was a thriving community of designers and architects in the 60 and the 70s. Based on Bauhaus’ current and teachings, the former Ulm School of Design (Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm) was home to great visual and product designers.

Otl Aicher, Margarete Kögler, Max Bill, ¿does Lufthansa ring a bell? Their brand identity was designed here by them. ¿Braun, maybe? Mr. Bill had a lot to do with today Braun’s understanding of design.

Ulm School of Design

All with a good coffee, relatively


Einstein once said your home city is a unique part of our lives. Just as much as our families and friends. Original from Ulm, Einstein grew up and lived here for the most part of its youth and early adult life.


The Einstein Café is a standing reminder of his life and legacy, and a perfect place to rest and have a nice coffee and something good to eat while preparing for the next ride.







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