Innovating with tradition. Amstel’s Espolin Collection.

Innovating with tradition. Amstel’s Espolin Collection.
Tradition makes us who we are. We keep moving creating and growing up while being ourselves.

This is why we worked with Amstel for their Espolin Collection, a project where the most innovative products from Valencia would meet with the incredibly traditional Espolin fabric.

A handmade fabric that dates from back to the XVI century, done with the most care and best materials and used today in traditional dresses in the Valencian Fallas, recently pointed Unesco’s World Heritage. The Closca helmet, on the contrary, is an interpretation of current urban style and design, meaning it’s also done with the best materials and a perfectly engineered design, but crafted in such a way that we can bring it to the urban cyclists all around the world.


In collaboration with Amstel, we made an incredible Espolin accessory to bring these values to life. A set of 5 unique pieces that mix the values of tradition with the current city lifestyle.

We’re trying to grow a brand where the people are the focus, the ones that live in the city and enjoy the urban lifestyle. That’s why we partnered with CuldeSac to create the bike helmet for the citizens of today.

Other local brands and designers such as Héctor SerranoLola CruzAna IlluecaRibags and Siemprevivas are innovating within tradition with this project.





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