Closca Kids, the first child-inspired helmet designed for children.

Closca Kids, the first child-inspired helmet designed for children.

Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” At Closca, we design products that inspire more creative, respectful and positive attitudes in cities of the future. Children are the ones who will shape this future, so we couldn’t design without them. We asked our future leaders what kinds of cities they would like to live in and invited them to put their ideas to paper. Imagination and colors did the rest. The children drew all kinds of animals, houses with hundreds of windows, fountains everywhere and a plethora of flowers. And so it became clear, we had to craft a kids helmet that would become the most fantastic canvas a city had ever seen. The helmet of the children.




Inspired by education theorists like Gianni Rodari, who emphasizes the importance of narration to stimulate fantasy and creativity, or Francesco Tonucci, who stresses the importance of integrating education in society, we realized that we had to think big. We wanted to offer kids as much as possible from their Closca Helmet. We wanted them to feel and engage with it, to give voice to their creativity, to see the world from another perspective, to give life to their imagination.


Anything you can imagine, you can make real.”

-Jules Verne


And now we’ve turned those fantastic ideas into reality with Valencian illustrator Cecilia Plaza, defender of art in everyday objects. From her atelier, the children’s ideas inspired her to illustrate stickers which tell stories, stickers that would make each kids helmet unique and different. Closca Kids is much more than an object, it’s a canvas on which children can project their creative visions of the city. It’s an object that goes beyond practical use, with its digital integration and functional mechanics, without the need for batteries. It transmits values that will grow with even the littlest ones.



There is no better way to protect the treasure of a child’s imagination, their critical capacity, their understanding, their ingenuity. There is no better way to protect who we are today than with Closca, letting the future write itself.


Available in Carrot and Leaf colours. Stickers included. More information in Closca Kids



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