Creating products with meaning. From zero to Delta de Oro

Creating products with meaning. From zero to Delta de Oro


Last night at the AID-FAD awards, Closca Fuga was awarded with the valuable Delta de Oro. The Delta awards are the benchmark for product design in our country. The philosophy of the awards is to identify the expression of our social and cultural values in design, and how this design should respond to the needs of the user.

Receiving this award is an exciting recognition, not only for us here at Closca, but for all city cyclists.

When we designed our bike helmet with our creative partner CuldeSac ( we thought of all those who choose cycling as their alternative means of transport but at the same time don't want to give up their style.

We focused on people, and that led us to design

We started from scratch and reformulated what a helmet should be and what it means to wear a safe accessory. Our collaborators at CuldeSac taught us customer-focused design and that completely changed our process: we thought functionality was key and started working on a foldable helmet that everyone could carry in their backpacks and bags.

But designing innovation did not meet our expectations. For a product to perform its function perfectly is a good goal. For a product to make us fall in love with it is a big challenge. That's why our products are simple, minimalistic and elegant.

We always say that we are here to design new attitudes and we are proud that Fuga is our first bet to create cities that are more friendly, more conscious and more focused on people.

The AID-FAD Gold Delta ( is a great boost to keep us looking for new design opportunities and a great recognition for the whole urban cycling community.

We want to thank everyone who has been and is part of this project.

Let's look together to the future, the place where our customers are already

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