Closca Bottle Flat Climate, the bottle is the message

Closca Bottle Flat Climate, the bottle is the message
If a chart had to explain your life, what would it be? Some of you would probably be defined by the number of times you've watched Friends, others by your professional achievements and some by the people who have accompanied you along the way. Our story, however, is defined by Ed Hawkins's Warming Stripes.


Did you know them? These lines designed by the professor at the University of Reading show the evolution of the annual global temperature from 1850 to the present. A chromatic range that starts in a intense blue and approaches the darkest garnets in recent years.

The blue tones show average temperatures of previous centuries and decades that are unthinkable nowadays. We should be ashamed of how these bars have now taken on a reddish hue. And it is more than a color, is a reproach: in just a century and a half the temperature of the planet has increased 1.2 ºC.


It is shocking. But no, this is not another pessimistic message. Now all that we have to do is to work to reverse the situation, but it is necessary to see it from an optimistic and proactive point of view. And so we did. Closca Bottle Flat Climat follows the lineage of Closca Bottle and Closca Bottle Wave in our goal to end single-use plastics.

#MyLastPlasticBottle continues more than ever, and with Closca Bottle Flat Climate the problem takes on a new dimension.

Join us? You can get your Bottle Flat Climate now and bet on a positive change.

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