Closca x UPV: the first plastic-free university

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Universities and their campuses are small miniature cities. They are the place where the leaders of tomorrow are forged. And they are the perfect place to generate change.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia is clear about it: They want to be the first plastic-free university to drink water, and together with Closca they will achieve it.

Our youth have been asking us for responsibilities for some time and assuming their role as “game changers”, which is why the UPV university community being the first to abandon single-use plastic for drinking water is a challenge that we are willing to take on and support.

First, because Closca has its roots in Valencia.

Second, because the #MyLastPlasticBottle movement is ageless.

Third, because if a generation changes a single habit, the impact will be immense.

And fourth, because students are the future and the great ambassadors of change.

How to become the first plastic-free university?

The goal is clear: to be the first university free of single-use plastic before 2030. To do this, there are three main points to address:

  • Make drinking water accessible on college campuses.
  • Provide the community practical tools.
  • Raise awareness

The UPV campuses in Valencia, Gandia and Alcoy have many fountains, but not all of them are known by students and teachers. This is where Closca comes into play.


Did you know that Closca has developed a free application that allows you to find water refill points wherever you are? Well, this application has been adapted to the needs of the university and now students and professors can, from their mobile, find the closest fountain to their location. Accessibility: done! In addition, with the added bonus that they will be able to measure their positive impact with each refill and obtain points that can be exchanged for rewards.


Second point: the tools. To leave single-use plastic for drinking water in the past, an element is needed that replaces it in a practical and, why not, also beautiful way. Closca's reusable bottles are the perfect tool: with a careful design and super practical.


But neither technology nor practicality are anything if the university community does not want to achieve change. Closca has been fighting single-use plastic for drinking water for years under the #MyLastPlasticBottle challenge and it is an honor to help new generations, future ambassadors of change, to achieve it.

The UPV community is committed to changing the future, and you?

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