Closca x Gorillas: Riders with soul

Closca x Gorillas: Riders with soul

Cities are changing and we can feel it every day when we go out on the street. One of the aspects that have changed our cities in recent months has been the delivery. Companies and brands that bring whatever you need to your door. But what is really revolutionizing this shopping modality are the riders.

Riders have become an important piece in the urban puzzle of cities. Because the future has arrived and it's on two wheels!

Closca x Gorillas

Delivery is growing at a very high rate. Every day the presence of riders on the streets is more and more noticeable. Their impact on urban mobility and the pace of life in cities is significant. So why not turn them into ambassadors of change?

As you know, at Closca we promote sustainable mobility. So, a partnership to further inspire change between the delivery world and Closca seems only natural. 

About Gorillas

@Gorillas has arrived in Spain with force, and has chosen Closca as the helmet brand for their riders.

As they themselves say they are the ones who want to change the way we shop to reduce food waste, our carbon footprint and put in value the proximity trade. And all this by bike :D

Helmet Loop Gorillas

Why did they choose the Closca Helmet Loop?

For the innovative design of our most casual helmet that fits with the brand expression. 

Because of its versatility as it is foldable, riders can easily store it when not in use.

Because of the ventilation system, it is hygienic.

Because of its comfort, and above all, because of its safety (EN1078 and CPSC certifications).

You too can help transform cities and fill them with #RidersWithSoul, do you know other conscious companies that want to join the movement of change for smoke-free and noise-free cities? Tell them who we are and become an ambassador of change. 

#CitiesWithSoul #CloscaxGorillas

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