We are all connected. What do we want to get?

We are all connected. What do we want to get?

We are killing the planet. It is hard to read but it is true. We are smothering the Earth by covering it with plastic. Our actions on the planet have a direct impact on us far larger than we realize. 

Did you know that 1,500 plastic bottles are thrown away every second? And only 9% of it is recycled for new uses? The 91% left ends up in landfills every day (around 60 million plastic bottles!).

What do we want to get?

There are five massive patches of plastic in the oceans around the world. This is because 8 million tons of plastic terminates in the ocean every year. But we only see a small portion of it (15%) as most of it remains at the seabed. Imagine how much plastic is filling our oceans! 

By 2050, experts estimate that there will be more plastic than fishes. What are we going to do then? It will be too late.

The time for a change has come. Our actions are seriously damaging the planet. And our duty is now to react and behave better with our planet. We owe this to it.

No more plastic: Closca Bottle Wave 

Closca aim is to inspire changes and to help you in the transition, to traditional behaviours to more sustainable ones. And, as you know, we are really conscious about plastic pollution and the damage that we are causing to the planet with our selfish actions. 

It is possible to revert the actual situation just making small changes. What if we can get drinking water without cost? No cost for us but more importantly, no cost for the planet. Sounds great! And this is what moved us a few years ago to create the Closca Bottle and the reason we have now designed a new bottle. We are pleased to present to you the new Closca Bottle Wave

Closca Bottle Wave_Sahara

A stainless steel bottle, 100% BPA free, phthalates free, toxines free that does not transmit unpleasant flavors to your drink ensuring a soft and unparalleled drinking experience.

Closca Bottle Wave is a thermo container that keeps your beverages up to 24 hours cold or 12 hours hot. And you can carry it out super easily wherever you want just hooking it up to your bag, bike or scooter with its patented silicone strap. Get your hands free while moving around and spread the word: no more plastic bottles for drinking water!

Innovation at your service 

Closca Bottle Wave includes the NFC chip to connect to Closca Water App. This free app allows you to locate the nearest water refill spot. You will never need to buy a plastic bottle to get water

Closca Water App

The app also rewards you for refilling your bottle and you can swap those rewards for ONG’s donations to preserve the environment.  Nowadays there are more than 250 000 refill points worldwide and increasing thanks to users collaboration.

Furthermore, Closca Bottle Wave is a stainless steel bottle airport security friendly which means that you can travel around and pass through security controls without problems. Isn’t it great?

Places to be collection: an ode to the planet

Closca's goal is to inspire change with innovative and unique design products. This time we have created a special collection to remark on some specific places that represents the evolution of the Earth and ours too. This is an ode to the planet.

To AMAZONIA where fires and deforestation endanger the vegetation of the Earth’s lungs.

To ANTARCTICA, a white scenario blurred by global warming.

To ARIZONA where the erosion of the Colorado river forms an iconic view.

To SAHARA, what is now just sand was once an orchard of nature.

It’s time to inspire change and be part of the wave that will end plastic pollution. 

Closca Bottle Wave and #MyLastPlasticBottle

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