Closca x TED Gift Experience 2017

Closca x TED Gift Experience 2017



This week is being TED Talks Vancouver: one of the most relevant dates for the world of innovation and future. Experts of different areas but a very high talent are meeting there to think about the currently world and the changes that we need for it.


Bill Gates, Bono or Google’s founders have been speakers of this meeting in last editions. This year, the speakers are experts like Elon Musk -Tesla’s CEO-, To Gruber -Siri’s creator-, Elizabeth Blackburn -Medicine Nobel Price- o Mario Sigman -on the most relevant neuroscientist-.


This year edition, named as “THE FUTURE YOU” is looking for a deep reflection and a conversation about the changes we are living nowadays and how to deal with those. This date is not only promoting the reflection about our world, is promoting the personal growth of the attendance too, inspiring them to be part of the change.


One of the most wanted things of this date is the TED Gift Experience: the selection of most inspiring and innovative products made by TED Talks’ organization. Products as the Swell bottle or Moleskine backpacks in other editions. This year, the bike helmet Closca Helmet is one of the classify for this section.


To Closca Design is proudly to become part of this important date. Especially because this occasion seems to be the perfect one for the brand. When Closca Design born is for change the city where we live into a special places to grow in. And they made it through powerful and innovative products, but stylish, safety and comfortable too. Closca believes in people who hold onto the changes and the needs of their cities.


Closca Helmet, designed with our creative partner CuldeSac, is going to be in Vancouver inspiring the TED Talks’ attendence to choose the bike as conveyance for leading the cities transformation. For this, Closca Design created a special edition of their Closca Helmet which includes a Vancouver’s map with the places with the same philosophy as Closca.
Closca Helmet is not only a safety product, is a way of express ourselves and sharing the values of design, simplicity, sophistication and ingenuity.


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