Carlos Ferrando, CEO of Closca, part of the World Design Assembly.

Closca Consciousness Campaign

Last Saturday, our CEO, Carlos Ferrando, was in the World Design Assembly celebrated in Hyderabad, explaining all the interactions between design and humans. He talked about how design encourages positive interactions between people and the environment where we live.

During the conference, Carlos explained all the reflections he made during the last few years, inviting us to think about the impact that we have on the environment.

Developing social challenges allows us to invite people and brands to join the statement to create a better future through iconic products.

That's why we created our foldable helmets, Closca Helmet and Closca Helmet Loop, transforming this product into a way of expression of those who prefer to move around the cities without smoke and noise.

To tackle plastic pollution, we designed the Closca Bottle connected with an NFC that triggers the Closca Water App, created to find more than 220 000 free water refill stations.

Closca Water App

Both challenges respond to the United Nations' Goal number 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, which animates us to keep our cities clean.

Do you want to be part of the change? Don't feel guilty, become co-responsible.

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