Ventilation and flow

The word ventilation means that exist an air flow inside a volume. In a helmet, to have ventilation means the air can refresh your head thanks to the internal flow of air between head and helmet. For hence, helmet cooling depends on the size of the front vents but it is strongly affected by the of airflow channels inside the helmet.




The main air entrance air gets inside and flows through internal rails. This internal rails allow the hot air that remains in the upper part to come out the wholes at the back. 

Innovative and genuine Closca system: Hidden Holes 

We believe to wear a full of holes accessory on your head results a bad aesthetic result. Furthermore, and riding in the sun, these big holes on your head can damage your hair or head. We have developed a special ventilation system preserving the aesthetics of our design. You cannot really appreciate the holes where the air flows since they are inclined.


The air can flow naturally though the full helmet allowing a ventilation across your head and keeping your style and preventing any sun damage.



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