Safety Certifications. How it works

Closca Helmet is not only a safety certified helmet but also it has a unique & worldwide patented foldable system allowing to become flat and reduce its volume by more than the 50% for easy storage in any bag while you are not pedaling. 

The helmet is double certified for UNE EN 1078 and CPSC and it has been tested and validated by SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.

How it works? 

This very convenient helmet comprises 3 mobile rings hinged together with 2 stable positions, folding only when it is empty and providing the same functionality as any regular helmet does and exceeding the safety standards worldwide.  

The picture above shows how the helmet with a head inside cannot fold in any case with an impact in any direction.    


It means, the helmet with a head inside acts in the same way and with same safety factor than any regular helmet does.  

Regarding the safety standards, the procedure to validate consists in emulate a common crash with a bicycle in a Lab.  A 5Kg head is located inside the helmet and then it is dropped from a height between 1-2m depending on the sample. 

The helmets are crashed against an anvil with 3 different shapes.    



Depending on the safety standards the procedure changes, Closca Fuga is certified following with CPSC and EN1078 and here you can watch the test the helmet has to pass. 

The helmet must be able to absorb the energy of the crash in terms of deceleration and measuring it in Velocity and G Force. 

Safety standards comparison for helmets

To understand the strength of these impacts we want to share a video we made during our internal test. 



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