Red Dot Design Award 2015

Closca Fuga has been jointly developed with Valencia based strategic and creative consultant Company CuldeSac. The result of this collaboration is a helmet that cuts off from an sportive look and stays closer to the urban life style. The creative process has been carried out taking into account the guidelines that urban cyclists themselves have fed back to us day by day, with contributions by means of opinions, preferences and wishes to be implemented in this new product. 
Closca’s new helmet design is one of the winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2015, in the Product Design Category. Announced on its website


Treating cycling as an icon itself, has inspired us to create an honest set, where form and function coexist in a balance, generating the personality of the product. So the helmet is explained intuitively by itself. 

Dieter Rams guidelines inspire today the product design in companies like Braun or Apple. These guidelines have influenced very positively in our Design Process, Closca Fuga is innovative, understandable, clean and timeless.
Design and innovation coexist in this useful product: the first safety certified and most efficient folding system. 



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