Without support there is no change

Without support there is no change

Projects need 3 things to succeed: a good idea, a committed team and support.

The world is full of good ideas, the tricky part is to apply them, bring them to reality and make them tangible. This is how Closca was born, as a dream of Carlos Ferrando to leave a better planet for his children and future generations. And, thanks to the support of people and institutions, that dream has become the international brand it is today.

IVF: supporting projects in Valencia

Among this support, we would like to highlight that of the Institut Valencià de Finances (IVF).
This public institution has been acting as the main instrument of public credit policy of the Generalitat Valenciana for three decades.

Over these years it has helped hundreds of micro, small and medium-sized companies, including Closca, to make tangible projects and ideas that have revolutionized the world today in one way or another. But above all, they have helped a city like Valencia to become one of the epicenters of national and international entrepreneurship.

Valencia: Europe's Silicon Valley?

By supporting the birth of new brands, they have made the entrepreneurial fabric of the Valencian Community grow exponentially, attracting talent and investment.

Students from all over the world have considered the Valencian Community as an ideal place to study, but more and more young (and not so young) entrepreneurs are finding here the perfect environment to start their businesses.
And, closely linked to this fact, is the fact that more and more investors are finding in the Region the "unicorns" in which to bet their capital.

Thank you IVF

Closca IVF
We could not be more grateful to the IVF for the trust placed in our project. And for continuing to support entrepreneurs in their arduous journey towards achieving their goals. A path not always easy but full of small and big successes that give meaning to every day. Because, as we believe in Closca, change is possible as long as we do it together, supporting each other.

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