What makes the Closca helmet the perfect fit?

Closca Helmet

If you’re a daily commuter, you need a helmet. And if you ride your bike that much, you need a good helmet, too… like the Closca Helmet. Whether you’re going to the office, your neighborhood bar, dinner with your friends or even a quick trip to the grocery store, the Closca Helmet will keep you safe and looking good, all while in motion.


foldable Closca Helmet


First thing’s first: Let’s talk about safety.


For Closca, protection is key. (And that’s why we buy helmets anyway, right?) In fact, with its innovative design and unique properties combined, the Closca Helmet is one of the safest helmets on the market today. Thanks to its own patented “foldable” helmet, the bike accessories brand uses a trio of concentric rings to fold the helmet down to almost 50% of its original size. This foldable element is not just for convenience; by folding naturally, it actually ensures that the helmet stays firmly in place when buckled and is impossible to collapse in a collision. Further proving its enhanced protection, the Closca Helmet was actually designed with an innovative ventilation system that keeps riders free from sunstroke.


Most notable about its protective abilities, however, is this helmet’s safety regulations. Unlike most urban bike helmets, the Closca Helmet complies with both European and American EN 1078 and CPSC standards of safety. To qualify for EN 1078 certifications, bike helmets are tested against the extended effects of water spray and UV lighting, and evaluated for the quality of its allowable vision, shock absorption and retention systems. All helmets given a CPSC rating—which is an actual requirement to be sold in the US—are tested to ensure that they don’t block a cyclist’s vision, that the straps stay on and don’t stretch too far, and that, when struck, the helmet reduces the amount of force the rider feels on his or her head.


bike Closca Helmet 


But, equally important… it looks good, too.


As vain as it might seem, if you’re a daily commuter, how your helmet looks is another factor to consider. Known for its simple, chic design, the Closca Helmet is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable helmets on the market. With its solid black or white shade and six, colorful and interchangeable visors, it goes with almost anything in your closet. Further proving its level of trend and ingenuity, the Closca Helmet was awarded the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2015—a recognition given to products that exceed expectations in ergonomics, durability, innovation, social impact and more—and Closca Kids helmets even come with colorful cityscapes specially illustrated by artist Cecilia Plaza.


Closca Helmet kids


Wear your Closca Helmet the next time you ride, and you’ll be turning heads for two reasons: how confidently you ride and how good you look doing it.

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