The designer water bottle: Closca Bottle

The designer water bottle: Closca Bottle

When Closca decided to provide a solution to the problem of plastic pollution in the seas and oceans, we knew that it had to be a product that met three requirements: good design, functionality and a message. Thus Closca Bottle was born.

Good design: iF Design, Red Dot, Delta...

Design is a very important part of the work we do at Closca. Not only because our CEO, Carlos Ferrando, is an industrial engineer, but also because we know that beautiful products capture people's attention, and when they are interested, it is easier to spread your message.

And it is a real pride to be able to say that Closca Bottle has to its credit the most prestigious design awariFDesignAwardd in the world (something like the Oscar): the iF Design Award. A prize that has been awarded since 1954 to the most exceptional designs worldwide.

But it is not the only recognition that our borosilicate glass water bottle has received. To make a comparison (although we know they are odious) the Red Dot and Delta ADI awards are the equivalent of the Golden Globe and the Cannes festival of cinema. Not bad, eh?

These awards are that recognition of the incredible work behind every Closca product.

Functionality: take water with you wherever you go

But good design goes beyond aesthetics. It must be functional. That's why the Closca Bottle was conceptualized not only as an elegant design, but also as a reusable water bottle that will comfortably go with you anywhere. 

silicone strap

To do this, a silicone strap was designed and patented that hugs the bottle and allows you to attach it to your backpack or bag so you can take your hands free. Or to your bike or scooter so you can ride. Or even to your baby's stroller so you can always carry water with you in a comfortable and elegant way.

In addition to the grip system, we also thought about how to go one step further in practicality: double opening. The lower cap allows for better and more efficient cleaning and the rounded mouth at the top makes drinking water a new experience.

And, because we live in the age of technology and innovation, the Closca Bottle also features an NFC chip that connects your refillable water bottle with the free Closca Water App. So you can find water, track your hydration, measure your positive impact by drinking plastic-free and earn rewards for it.

With a message: #MyLastPlasticBottle

We have already said that aesthetics and functionality are important to Closca, but even more important (and what we work for every day) is to inspire change. This means that for us, wearing a Closca product, whether it's a bottle or a helmet, is a statement of intent. 

Closca Bottle was born with the aim of addressing the global need for water consumption and seeks to make single-use plastic bottles a thing of the past. Under the claim #MyLastPlasticBottle a movement is born to find, carry and consume water in a conscious way to reverse the current situation of the oceans.

Join the change and do it with a unique bottle!

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