Thanks, we are back!

Thanks, we are back!

We are very happy to announce that we have recovered control of our official Instagram profile @closcadesign.

It's been 6 days of stress, hard work, implication and coordination. It is not very common to have a cybercriminal taking control of your Instagram account or something that (luckily) we are used to.

We are deeply thankful for all the support messages, advice, and help. We are very proud to count on you as a community, ambassadors of change. 

This is a collective victory, the sum of each of you and every single step we took, finally has brought us to reestablish our official Instagram account (and our widest communication channel) in less than a week. 

We know this is not an isolated case. For us, the repercussions have been severe but not irreversible, and we feel very thankful for that, but we need to be vigilant. Cyberattacks are a very common thing we all need to face. 

Thank you very much to each one of you, who have been reading and supporting us. 

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