Closca, part of the In Goop Health summit organized by Goop

In Goop Health attendee wearing the Closca Helmet Loop

Last weekend we were at the In Goop Health event held at the Re:Centre in London organized by the lifestyle brand: Goop. 

“In Goop Health” is a wellness summit prepared to explore and discover optimal well-being, where the attendees meet provocative thinkers, trusted experts, and cutting-edge practitioners and scientists. During the latest summit, over 250 guests tried out the most advanced wacky ideas of actress Gwyneth Paltrow. 

The sessions scheduled over the weekend were based on everyday themes such as wellness, health, consciousness also sustainability. 

Attendees were also able to have yoga and meditation classes with experts, as well as interesting sessions to change the paradigms of everyday life and start living a more conscious and sustainable life. 

Hand in hand with Jump, attendees were able to experience new forms of sustainable mobility without sacrificing style and safety. For this, the attendees had bicycles and Closca Helmet Loop to use at will during the session.

Jump bikes and Closca Helmet Loop helmets

Being present at an event like In Goop Health, together with Jump, makes us proud of who we are. Every day, more and more companies join our synergies to create powerful conversations that can change the attitudes of society, based on respect, empathy, and consciousness. 

The participants during the In Goop Health summit, could enjoy a couple of inspiring talks from the hand of Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz. Two brave and strong women who explained how the reality of their lives surpassed the messages that society had imposed on them simply because they were women. "I realized how many fairy tales, films and messages from society have reached me because of the way I left the hospital the first time and the way I did it the second time [after giving birth to her daughter Luna]. We were two different women," Penelope said.

"One of the most important parts of living here was the experience of living in a foreign place for a very long time and establishing a life here. Paltrow said, "but it made me really see [things] which other people might think are mundane in such a new way and I felt so awake because of it."

We are proud to have been present at an event where change was inspired talk after talk, through the experiences of truly inspiring women and men who make today's world a better place for tomorrow.

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