Closca becomes part of the (RED) family

Closca becomes part of the (RED) family

A partnership that fights to end AIDS.

Incredible progress has been made in the fight to end AIDS. In 15 years, AIDS-related deaths have been cut in half and 23 million people worldwide are now accessing life-saving treatment. But AIDS is still a crisis. Every day, 400 babies are born with HIV and 15 million people still need access to treatment to keep them healthy and alive.

At Closca, we have partnered with (RED) to raise awareness and funds for this preventable and treatable disease while continuing to inspire change with our iconic products.

What is (RED)?

(RED) partners with the world's most iconic brands to create (RED) versions of the products and experiences you love. When you buy or do (RED) things, your choice impacts millions of people affected by HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. (RED) products are available on as well as partner retail sites and stores.


Where does (RED) invest in?  

(RED) has already generated over $600 million dollars for the AIDS fight with the help of their partners and supporters. Health programs supported by the Global Fund, the organization that receives all (RED) dollars, have saved 32 million lives since 2002. In 2018, in countries where the Global Fund invests (among others): 9 million people accessed antiretroviral therapy for HIV and 719,000 HIV-positive mothers received medicine to keep them alive and healthy and prevented the transmission of HIV to their babies.

How is Closca partnering with (RED)?

We want to be part of this inspiring community that helps people to lead healthy lives. That’s why 15% of the purchase price of every (PRODUCT)RED item will go to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa.

We have dressed in (RED) two of our products. The (PRODUCT)RED Helmet Loop invites you to ride safely for an AIDS-free generation and the (PRODUCT)RED Bottle fights not only against plastic pollution but also against AIDS. 


Join us in the fight to #endAIDS.

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