The human being is formidable. We have the capacity to feel empathy, kindness and affection for people and in the most overwhelming situations, like the one we are living at present, we know how to overcome and help each other without expecting anything in return, showing humanity that it is still possible to have faith on us.

However, we are also selfish species by nature, and the constant hustle and bustle of our lives has led us to overlook very important issues that, in addition to affecting us, will harm future generations much more.

The planet has been talking to us for many years. It has been telling us endlessly that it was time to slow down, to start doing things right and to stop thinking about ourselves. However, we haven't listened to him and the result to all our selfishness is a planet that is languishing and depleting its resources. A planet where it is increasingly difficult to breathe clean air, where it is getting hotter and hotter and where species are disappearing because they cannot adapt to the new climatic conditions resulting from global warming.

 It is now that the planet, sick, has given us the biggest lesson it could give us. It has forced us to stop. All of us. Big and small, rich and poor. We have all had to put aside our busy lives and cover our mouths because the planet has made us distrust the air we breathe.

 This is the moment. The time for us to listen, to change, to stop thinking as a single individual and start thinking as a common collective with a clear goal, to change the planet.

 At Closca we are firmly convinced that this is possible. That is why we wanted to create a symbol of these times we are living in, while we ask ourselves if we will accept the masks in our lifestyle, or on the contrary, if we will be able, by putting them on, to think that our new challenge is to ensure that our children never have to wear them again.


And you, what have you learnt? 


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