Sustainable mobility: now or never

Sustainable mobility: now or never

A few months ago our lives turned around. Everything was slowed down by a virus spread all over the world and we had to stopped our lives. We have been given the opportunity to reset our habits, to change our lifestyle and improve it to save the planet but, are we really willing to make sacrifices for the environment?

We are a well-informed society and therefore more aware of the reality that hits us. We are betting on more responsible consumption. Do we? So why do our cities go back to being full of smoke and noise even knowing it is harmful to our health?

Sustainable mobility for the last mile

The fear of contagion has reactivated the use of individual transport, increasing pollution in large urban areas almost to pre-confinement limits. Why not join the wave of urban micro-mobility? In addition to maintaining social distance, scooters and bicycles significantly reduce CO2 emissions

These are not drastic changes. Like everything else, it is a process. It's about taking it one step at a time. Because every small action counts. With the challenge #CitiesWithSoul we propose you to take that first step: start moving in a sustainable way.

Urban micro-mobility: safety and happiness

Did you know that in cities where the air is cleaner people are happier? The Closca community not only advocates for a change in habits to achieve a positive impact on the environment, but also on society as a whole. With the Closca Helmet, in addition to motivating the use of sustainable means of mobility, we want you to be safe and comfortable. Summarising, we want you to be happier.

Bet on style and safety in your sustainable mobility with the Closca Helmet!

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