How are you feeling today? Plastic Free Mood

How are you feeling today? Plastic Free Mood

How you feel today depends on each day. Even every moment. Throughout the day we can feel a thousand different ways.

There are days when you wake up tired, but as soon as you have your coffee, you're "on top of your game".  And others when you would stay in bed all day. There are times when you enjoy the silence and others when going for a walk and listening to the crowd and the screams of children playing fills you with energy.

What is the Plastic Free Mood?

From Closca we invite you to join a new life sensation: plastic free mood. Do you have one of those "eat the world" days? Great! Well, take advantage of that energy and save turtles by not using plastic with Closca Water App. Do you feel like staying at home reading a good book? Don't forget to drink water to keep mens sana in corpore sano with Closca Bottle Wave.

How are you feeling today?


creative mood

Those days when the ideas are flowing, when they are like a raging river and you feel you are capable of anything. You sit at your desk and get all that pending work done, or you finish that job that had you blocked. For your brain to be at 100% you need to hydrate and Bottle Wave Antarctica does not fail you. 


active mood

You already have a makeshift gym at home and in mind that summer is just around the corner. You've got your exercise routine more or less under control. And, a key factor for a good workout, your hydration is under control and your water is always with you with your Bottle Wave Arizona.


sunny mood

The sun is shining and you feel great. You feel like going out and enjoying the warmth. Do you live near the sea? How relaxing the sound of the sea is! Do you love going to the park? Green heals the mind! A couple of magazines, a towel and your Bottle Wave Sahara to carry your cool water.


minimal mood

You feel like a fish in water in the city. You are 100% urbanite. You put on your music and ride your scooter through the streets. You visit a museum, you admire that building you've looked at so many times but never seen. Always accompanied by Bottle Wave Basic with your well-filled coffee.


explorer mood

You enjoy getting lost among trees and mountains. The adventure of discovering new trails and routes. Listening and feeling nature and recovering your strength with a good lunch with spectacular views. You grab your backpack, put on your boots, fill your Bottle Wave Amazonia and set off on your adventure.

Leave your mark

At the end of the day we do so many things and most of the time we are not aware of the impact we are generating with these small daily gestures. But that has changed! 

With the Closca Water App you can, for free, measure your positive impact on the planet. Do you know how many kilos of plastic you save by drinking with your reusable bottle? With the Water App you can find out in real time.

Do you know if you drink the recommended amount of water to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Track your hydration in the app and measure it day by day.

And you are not alone in the challenge to leave plastic in the past, we are a great community! Join the challenges we propose you on Closca Water App and join the fight against plastic together with people from all over the world.

In short, we are all different. We feel differently. But whatever you are, however you feel, live without plastic. Join the plastic free mood. For you, for me, for the planet.

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