Comparing Closca: Which Closca helmet is right for you?

Comparing Closca Helmets

When it comes to shopping for a new bike helmet, it’s hard to know which one to buy. Fortunately for you, Closca alone has three, top-of-the-line options for cyclists to choose from.

Don’t know which one is right for you? Follow our guide below and find the Closca Helmet that’s best for you.


Perfect for: The daily commuter

closca helmet is perfect for daily commuters


The Closca Helmet is the OG helmet of the Closca brand. Built with a trio of concentric rings that essentially fold into one another, this helmet can shrink to almost 50% of its original size. Not only does this make the helmet more convenient to transfer, but it makes it safer, too; as each ring folds into one another, it’s impossible for the helmet to collapse in a collision. Perfect for the daily commuter, the Closca Helmet also has a built-in ventilation system and complies with both European and American EN 1078 and CPSC standards. On top of that, the Closca Helmet is even embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that connects to a cyclist’s smartphone—meaning it can call your emergency contact, should you get in an accident while riding.



Perfect for: The daily commuter who lives in cold weather


Closca Nordic for commuters


Live up north? Then you probably spend half your year riding in lower-than-normal temperatures. If that sounds like you, you need the Closca Nordic helmet! Much like the original Closca Helmet, the Closca Nordic  is lightweight, comes with a foldable frame, can handle large amounts of force, and gives off that trendy, stylish vibe that every Closca rider embodies. Perfect for the winter months, however, the Closca Nordic also adds a wool accessory, Nordic Wheat Apparel, that functions like a snow cap to keep your head warm while you ride.



Perfect for: Little commuters-in-training


closca kids


Budding cyclists need a helmet, too—and there’s none better than the safest helmet on the market. In addition to having Closca’s characteristic foldable element, lightweight frame, and double-certified safety standards, the Closca Kids helmet is colorful and fun! Designed to let kids use their imagination, Closca Kids helmets come with removable, whimsical stickers of different popular cityscapes, all designed by Venezuelan illustrator Cecilia Plaza. This way, along with being protected, kids can create a helmet that speaks to the budding explorer within, too.

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