Closca Helmet: Safety Foundations

Closca Helmet: Safety Foundations

Designing Closca Helmet granted some difficult but exciting challenges. One of them was making a foldable helmet that would meet the safety standards. Spoiler alert: of course we did it!

Closca Helmet comprises 3 mobile concentric rings hinged together with 2 stable positions. This makes the helmet fold smoothly when you need to store it, but immutable while your head’s inside. We wanted to design a helmet that the citizens of today would want to wear. So we asked the urban cyclists and that meant a perfectly safe, beautiful and functional helmet. 

“There is no impact
that could make the helmet fold”


When we say engineerly perfectioned we really do mean it.

The inner structure is made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and polycarbonate (PC) so it absorbs the maximum impact possible.

Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), world’s biggest certification agency, ran the safety tests that verified Closca Fuga as a safe helmet, exceeding the european (ISO EN 1074) and american (CPSC) certifications. The results confirmed the that Fuga can resist any impact comprised by the normative.




Closca Helmet has a perfect-fit adjustment system, improving comfort and safety. We designed a ventilation system that guarantees constant airflow while protecting from sunstroke and light rain . And a NFC Technology, that allows the user to register the helmet and include relevant user data in case of loss or accident.

So now you can ride the city safely and stylish, here at Closca we think our minds are our best heritage and we should protect them.

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