New Styles on a Bike - The Nordic Collection

Elegance, sophistication and warmth. Made with premium wool and providing high warmth, Closca Design presents The Nordic Collection with the Nordic Wheat Apparel, the perfect accessory to ride this winter. Available on a wheat color that blends perfectly with both the white and the black Closca Fuga, the Nordic Wheat Apparel is a revolutionary accessory that will change the way you see the bike helmets.

"With The Nordic Collection we bring warmth to a cold object in itself,
as a bike helmet is"

 Keeping the elegance and pure lines that characterize the brand, Closca Design brings warmth to its Closca Fuga with this new wool accessory, changing the aesthetic appearance of the helmet and getting a cool-style never seen in a bicycle. 


With the Closca Fuga, we broke the aesthetic barriers that exist in the bike helmets, providing a helmet that, without compromising safety, offers a design and elegance not seen before. Another aspect that characterizes our helmet is its high degree of customization, with the possibility of changing the regular visor. The new Nordic Wheat Apparel goes a step further with something aesthetically never seen before: dressing it with a wool accessory that radically changes its appearance. 

"The principal objective is to transform an element of security
in a fashion accessory"

Our engineering and design team has been day by day exploring how to link an aseptic product –capable to absorb impacts– with other elements providing it with some warmth.

Hence the idea of ​​using the wool came up!. It seems quite difficult. Maybe. But thanks to its easy-removing velcro® system all our helmets have –allowing to put and remove easily the visors– this was truly possible. 

Why wool? Well... using the wool was not accidental. Other brands have chosen this ancient and natural material that provides heat like few others. Resistant, elastic, flexible, warm... if we think about a natural material to combat cold, the wool is the material. Companies like We Are Knitters and Wool and the Gang have seen a good opportunity in this product. It's fashionable!

Also Paul Smith, Hackett, Vivienne Westwood and countless brands increasingly opt for this material giving warmth to their winter clothes.

By presenting this new accessory, Closca Design offers "New Styles on a Bike", far away from the conventions and typical Tour-de-France helmets. As lovers of the cosmopolitan cities and urban environments, we are committed to bring style, innovation and design to the more discerning cyclists. 

With the new Nordic Wheat Apparel you will change radically your aesthetic and elegant Closca Fuga in something like a wool cap. You dare?

New ways of cycling. New ways of understanding the city.


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