We can be proud

We can be proud

We are living a complicated year, in which uncertainty has taken over our lives. Lockdowns, restrictions but, above all, the continuous fight against this virus are taking their toll. But as we have been telling you, there are many things to keep your spirits up. And the main one of all: doing for ourselves.

Human beings have shown extreme strength. Despite the uncertainty, we have been able to adapt. Well, we learn to do yoga, to cook new recipes (more than 70% of Europeans eat better and healthier now) and to value more of what we have. This is what is called resilience.

The Royal Spanish Academy defines "resilience" as the ability of a living being to adapt to a disruptive agent or an adverse state or situation. What is more adverse than the radical change that our lives have suffered? And here we are. Stronger, more conscious, more human.

For the planet

Closca Helmet

We have been counting the number of cyclists and people who have joined sustainable mobility has increased considerably in recent months. Have you already joined this change in the way of moving around the city? Are you thinking of doing so? 

Then, you are a biker and not only looking for the comfort that your bike or scooter provides, you are also concerned about your health and that of the planet. And for you we created Closca Helmet and Closca Helmet Loop. Because the change of habits towards more sustainable ones is not incompatible with style, safety and comfort. And this Black Friday, we want to help you keep these healthy habits. 

For our seas

Closca Bottle

But not only about mobility, since another of the habits more and more people are acquiring is leaving plastic in the past. Drinking bottled water is not a benefit for us or for the planet. Firstly, because bottled water is between 300 and 2,000 times more expensive than tap water, and secondly, because of the enormous cost to the environment.

If you are one of those who believe that it is possible to live plastic-free, then we welcome you to the Closca community where we are super committed to this problem and that is why we have not only created two refillable bottles: Closca Bottle and Closca Bottle Wave, but we have also developed a free mobile app, Closca Water App, so that you can find water refill points wherever you are. This Black Friday, let's leave the plastic in the past!

For ourselves

Closca Mask

And because, as society, we have shown that we are not selfish. We have gained confidence in "teamwork" and we have learned that together we are stronger and more resilient. In Closca we want to support you in this battle against covid-19 because, to our regret, masks are still necessary to avoid contagion. And, although our hope is that soon they will not be necessary, in the face of Black Friday we are lowering our Closca Masks so that you can keep protecting yourself, your loved ones and the planet.

Our actions carry more weight than ever. And that's why, because your habits count, we want you to continue to inspire change and add to the positive impact on the planet.

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