Closca Water App: find your nearest free water refill stations all over the world.

Closca Water App: find your nearest free water refill stations all over the world.

Have you already heard about the Closca Water app? It finds your nearest free water refill station, to drink water all over the world without using single-use plastic.

What is Closca Water App?
Closca Water is an app that lets you find more than 220k free water refill points all over the world. This number is growing day by day, as users can register more water points to help the community. You are rewarded when refilling your bottle, sharing with other friends and registering more fountains.

How does the Closca Water App work? 
It's very easy! Download the app in the App Store or Play Store. Sign up in the app, you can register through Facebook, Google or choose an email and a password. Enable your location to find your nearest water refill stations and write your username. 




Now you can see the nearest water points to refill your bottle. Do you want to refill your bottle? Get there and click the "Confirm refill" button. For your first refill, you will receive 0.50 Closca Points, from the second refill on you will receive 0.05 Closca points. 

How do I upload a water refill station to the Closca Water app? Select the (+) button shown in the next picture and create your water refill point. We just need you to write the name of the point (for example the street where it’s placed), upload a photo, confirm the location and add the characteristics of the font. Click the “create refill station” button and you're done! You will be able to see your water refill stations in the "My Impact" section.

Closca Water APp

Do you want to know your impact? Select the main menu and go to the section "My Impact". In this subsection, you will see the turtles you have saved, the CO2 emissions you have avoided, the plastic you have stopped using and the money you have saved by not buying bottled water. In the same section, you can also see the fountains that you have registered in the app. 




If you want to see the rewards you have, and you want to exchange it for the products of the shop, you can access through the icon of a bag that appears on the main screen. You can also access it by going to the "Rewards" section of the main menu. You can see how many points you have and all the products you can get if you keep refilling your bottle, uploading fountains and keep sharing the app with your friends.

Closca Water app

How can you share the app with your friends? Sharing is caring, so we would love you to share with your friends that you are part of a plastic-free community. You can share the code that you will find in the main section "Invite friends", for each friend that introduces your code, you will receive 0,50 points. You can also share once a day your refills with a friend to receive 0.25 extra points.




Do you have a business? We don’t care if it is a restaurant, a cafe, a shop, or a hotel, we want you in our community! In the “Add Refill Points” section you'll find a place to give us your details. For further information, you can also email us.




Download Closca Water and keep going zero waste in your daily actions! You will have free water everywhere and anytime.

Closca Water Download


For further information, please email us. We are very happy to help with your positive impact.



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