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Communication & Women: FREEDA

Communication & Women: FREEDA

Freeda is the digital media made by and for women that seek to promote women's achievements, inspire their personal style, and encourage sisterhood. Their success is based on a combination of factors: creativity as a fundamental pillar, constant innovation, and the way they relate to their millions of followers (millennials and centennials) and to other brands.


Communication, innovation, technology, social networks, visibility... These are all (in Spanish) words in feminine and closely linked to Freeda. How important is language in your purpose?  

It is of great importance because, in the end, the way we think and approach things also depends on the language we use to do so. For Freeda, it is important to always use a language that is as inclusive as possible, but also one that is approachable and able to convey to our audience all kinds of messages, from the most informative to the most inspiring and funny.

Speaking of language, how would you define Freeda in 10 words or less?

Diversity, inspiration, freedom, positivity, acceptance, respect, personal expression, creativity, sense of humor, community.

One of Freeda's main achievements is to give visibility, especially to women and their role in society, what does "social awareness" mean to you? And what role do women play in it? 

Being socially conscious is to be aware of the different needs and issues that exist in our society and, from there, to try to bring visibility to those who don’t have it or who until now have only been made visible in one way or in a very normative way. Social awareness should be a matter for the whole society, not only for women. However, due to the fact that they have had the presence, recognition, and visibility much more vetoed in almost all fields until relatively recently, women are the ones who have more presence in our contents.

Freeda values

We live in uncertain times, but how does Freeda imagine the planet and therefore society in 5 years? And in 20 years?

Every day it is more difficult to imagine the future (and even more so after 2020!), but if it is a question of imagining, we would like to think of a more diverse, egalitarian, fair, and respectful future and, therefore, a society more open to learning and getting to know others. In this sense, it is hopeful, because progress can be seen practically every day. Of course, we also dream of a cleaner planet and a more sustainable way of living, which is surely the greatest challenge we face globally as a society.

You have been inspiring change through your stories for years, but who or what inspires you?

Without a doubt, one of the things that inspire us the most are the stories of the people we interview for our videos. But also our own team, their ideas, and their way of seeing the world are a fundamental part of what Freeda is. Another of our great sources of inspiration is the community we have been building over the years: listening to what they have to say not only inspires us but invites us to think, learn, and continue creating all kinds of content.

One of the keys to Freeda's success is your "creative touch". How important is for you the relationship between creativity and the change we need in society and the planet?

It is the KEY. We live surrounded by visual stimuli and it is important to differentiate and stand out among them all. Creativity is in Freeda's DNA and goes far beyond mere aesthetics: the color of our illustrations, the dynamism of our videos, or the humor of our stories have a lot of work behind them until we find the option that best suits what we want to communicate. 


In addition, if something defines us is that we conscientiously analyze all our content looking for ways to improve and go a step further. And that also translates to a creative level. It is not the only one, but we have no doubt that creativity is one of the best tools to achieve social and planetary change because if something catches your eye, you are much more likely to pay attention to the message behind it.

If you could only choose one color, what would it be? Why?  

Hmmm... Why choose just one? In general, the more options we have, the better! Especially when it comes to colors!


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