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Safety Guaranteed

All Closca helmets can only be folded when there is no interior volume and, of course, it never folds in the event of an accident, functioning identically to conventional helmets. Our safety is guaranteed by complying with strict certifications: EN1078 for Europe and Asia & CPSC for the USA and Canada.


The Best Helmet!

My son and I are wearing helmets. The helmet looks light and strong, so it feels safe. Closca is very convenient to use because it can be folded and put in a bag; it also has a very good design. I like having a visor. It is more attractive than other helmets. The Best Helmet!


love this helmet !!!

love this helmet !!!! so easy to store and its unique style this helmet turns heads. make way for the new safety thinkers that turn heads, Thank you i enjoy leaving the dwelling now in style and not fearing head injuries.


My Head was Saved by Closca

The good folks at Closca are representative of their product: solid, dependable, and stylish (!). But seriously, a Closca helmet very literally saved my head when I went over the handlebars on my bike. It was a B line of my head to the ground and amazingly, I’m okay. The ER doctor said it unequivocally: “That helmet really worked.” I’m getting a replacement as we speak. The convenience of it’s design means that I never have an excuse for not having or wearing my helmet. And I’ll never be on a bike without it.

Andres Ambrogio

Very proactive minded!

The whole concept of Closca is simple. The company exudes a down-to-earth attitude. The whole communication because I ordered a helmet that was too small went smoothly. Very proactive minded! Thank you Alex Mur!

Kimberly W.

The perfect combination of safety and style!

The helmet is safe, super handy to store it in my bag when I get off my bike and so stylish! Many people compliment me and ask where I have the helmet from.
This is already my second Closca Helmet :-) I have one at my place and one at my boyfriend's place. I even bought a matching bottle with the second helmet ;)


Amazing helmet

I ordered this helmet because I found the website looked really good and when I researched the product it was equally good. The design on the helmet is amazing and very comfortable, the reason I highlight comfort is that I have a large head and not many helmet will fit. The way the helmet is flat pack makes transport of it very easy and discreet.

Keiu Pruul

The package was sent very quickly.

The package was sent very quickly. The product description was interesting and sufficient. I am very satisfied with the helmet.

Celia Ford


Easy to carry, comfortable, not too sweaty. Would definitely recommend it!


The closca bottle is the best quality

The closca bottle is of the best quality. I have had mine for many years with zero problems and the bottle has worked great for us.

Looking forward to ordering a helmet from them in the near future.

Małgorzata Mróz

Great quality product and time saver

Great quality product and time saver if you like your tea with you everyday! Additional advantage is easy cleaning due to opening from top and bottom of the bottle. I'm very satisfied!

Edward Buziak

I am a cyclist nearly all my life...

I have cycled for 70 years and this is the first safety helmet I have ever used... it is comfortable, light and folds into a small storage space. And available at a very good price too!

Red Dot Award: Winner

"Hunting for exceptional design" – the Red Dot Design Award stands as one of the globe’s foremost design contests.

Gold Delta: Winner

Our design received the esteemed Gold Delta for Product Design. This prestigious award, presented biennially in Barcelona.

Eurobike Award: Winner

This is the largest exhibition for the cycling industry in the world. Celebrated annually since 1991 in Germany.

Embrace Design - Avoid Plastic Waste

Unique Reusable Water Bottles

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Closca is one of our favorite reusable water bottle brands. The best accessory you can carry (now and always).


Our innovative water bottles design features a unique strap that easily attaches to any bag, ensuring your hydration is always within reach.

Love Design. Avoid plastic waste.

You can prevent the use of approximately 150 single-use plastic bottles every year. This will lower the amount of plastic bottle waste in landfills, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Closca Water App

Find Water Worldwide

In our ongoing commitment to reducing single-use plastic in water consumption, we've created a powerful app that shows you over 240,000 sources of free water worldwide.

Bottles for your Company

Combat single-use plastic pollution by gifting personalized, unique water bottles to colleagues and contacts.

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All Closca products have 3 years warranty covering any quality issue.

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If you are not satisfied, you can request a return up to 30 natural days after receiving your purchase.

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