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Inspired by those who embrace a healthy lifestyle and value sustainability by drinking water from reusable bottles. With Closca Minimal, we have reached the essence of a bottle, the perfect bottle for those who love simplicity.

Closca Minimal is a BPA-free bottle with thermal certification, keeping water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, backed by our 3-year warranty.



600 ml

Bottle Body Material

Premium BPA free Stainless-Steel.

Cap Material

PP - Polypropylene

Thermos Certified

12 hot, 24h cold.

Thermos Technology

Double-wall vacuum sealed.

24h cold. 12h hot.

Whether you need a refreshing drink on a hot day or a comforting sip of your favorite hot beverage in winter, our bottle is designed to meet all your needs. With thermal certification, it keeps your water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

Experience the Difference

The caps of our bottles are designed to protect the area where you place your lips when drinking from external contact when the bottle is closed.

The single-use plastic challenge

Every minute, over a million plastic bottles are manufactured, and only 9% of them will have a second life. The problem isn't plastic itself, but how we unconsciously use it. That's why we believe the best tool is to give visibility to responsible individuals and brands who, with their habits, inspire change.

Closca Water App

In our ongoing commitment to reducing single-use plastic in water consumption, we've created a powerful digital platform that shows you over 240,000 sources of free water worldwide.

To make a greater impact, we collaborate with companies to design challenges and interactive games for their employees and/or customers, allowing us to measure in real-time the amount of CO2 and plastic saved.

Plastic Zero for Companies

Every time you fill your bottle, you save 82.8 grams of CO2 and 12 grams of plastic. Now, imagine if your entire company joined this effort. How many bottles could be saved in just one month if all employees filled their bottles daily?

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